For grades 5-8


Artists come into the classroom and lead students through the process of creating their own comedy improv sketches. The artists create a supportive environment for students to explore the same processes used in creating comedy improv shows. Taking classroom material and using it as suggestions for the improv games gives the students an opportunity to literally show off their classroom comprehension. Ideal for an end of a classroom unit, this workshop is fun for teachers and students.


This workshop helps give students perspective by using improv games to act out realisic school situations. A structured role-playing workshop where the word "bullying" can or cannot be used depending on the needs of the school. This workshop teaches the importance of teamwork and compassion through the use of comedy.


This twelve-session project introduces all aspects of theater in the classroom. Students are lead through the collaborative process to create character and plot outlines. Professional playwrights take the outlines and create a play with enough speaking parts for all students. The rehearsal process gives every student a chance to work as stage managers, stage crew, costumers, and set designers. When used in conjunction with the art teachers, this program ends with a full performance the students can call their own.

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This twelve-session residency introduces all aspects of theater by adding the student’s music teacher and classes to the collaboration. This program ends with a full performance that students can share with their school community.

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